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Request a Prepaid Mastercard

With your account enabled to process sales, you can now request a Prepaid Mastercard linked to your ProPay merchant account. What better and more convenient way to have immediate access to your funds!

Note: The option to request a Prepaid Mastercard is not available until after your Propay merchant account is successfully approved.

To request your prepaid card:

  • Click the menu icon in the app and select “Settings
  • Select “ProPay Card” under “Payment Processing & Banking”.
  • Click the “Request Card” option to take you to the “Request a ProPay Mastercard card” screen.
  • Before selecting “Request Card” you will need to agree to “Terms & Conditions” by selecting the check box in this section of the screen.
  • Request Card” button is now active and you can click to send your request for a card.
  • A confirmation of the successful request will display on the next screen. Your new ProPay MasterCard card should arrive within four weeks of your request.
  • And, don’t forget to activate your card before you start using it!

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