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What is a temporary Mastercard authorization?

Sometimes you may see a transaction on your ProPay card listed in your reports as a “–PPMC AUTH.” This is a temporary authorization transaction, and it occurs when a merchant is requesting to confirm that your Prepaid Mastercard has a sufficient available balance to fulfill the settlement portion of the transaction.

Note: The settlement portion of the transaction process occurs after the sale of a product or service has been finalized and the merchant wishes to be paid.

Normally, the authorization and settlement processes occur simultaneously. Occasionally, depending on the company charging your card, there may be some time between the two stages.

Example: A hotel will often temporarily authorize your card for a higher amount than what you owe at check-in. Then, when you check out, if you haven’t charged any extra services to your room they will settle the card transaction for the smaller, correct amount.

As a courtesy, ProPay typically releases authorization charges after five business days if they have yet to be settled by the merchant. When an authorization charge has been released you will see it credited back to your ProPay account and it will be listed in your reports as “+PPMC EXPIRED AUTH.”