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How do I give a customer free shipping on their invoice?

These steps below will guide you through the process of giving an individual customer free shipping without having to change any of your standard shipping rates for all your other customers. Setting Free Shipping on the invoice will allow you to not charge this customer for their shipping costs, while still seamlessly sending the details to ShippingEasy once the customer has paid for the invoice.

  1. Click Orders
  2. Click + for creating a new invoice
  3. Select the customer for this invoice

TIP: If this is the first time the customer has shopped with you, click Add Customer to enter their first name, last name and email address

  1. Tap to the ON mode for Ship Order

NOTE: A new field will appear for Free Shipping

  1. Tap to the ON mode for Free Shipping
  2. Add the items to the customer’s invoice
  3. Click Invoice to send the invoice to the customer

If you are offering free shipping store-wide, meaning all Live sales and on your storefront, please follow these steps.