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Where can I use my ProPay Prepaid Mastercard?

You can use the ProPay Prepaid Mastercard anywhere Mastercard is accepted. Your ProPay Prepaid Mastercard can be used for purchases that do not exceed the available balance in your ProPay account. You can check this balance by going to Manage Funds.

You can also use your ProPay Prepaid Mastercard at participating ATMs that accept Mastercard Cards. The limit is $1,000 or the full amount in your Account Balance per day, whichever is less. There may be additional fees for ATM transactions.

Your ProPay Prepaid Mastercard CANNOT be used for certain types of transactions.

Examples include:

  • Paying at the pump for gasoline
  • Reserving or placing items on hold
  • Gambling or Casinos (In-person or Internet)
  • Cashback outside of an ATM

Note: Other types of Transactions that are not listed may be limited.