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Where can I use my ProPay Prepaid Mastercard?

You can use the ProPay Prepaid Mastercard anywhere Mastercard is accepted. Your ProPay Prepaid Mastercard can be used for purchases that do not exceed the available balance in your ProPay account.

You can check this balance by logging into the Wayroo Application and going to Manage Funds from the navigation pane. At the top of the screen is the Available Balance

Note: If a purchase is made above an amount of your Available Balance you will be responsible for the negative balance and any resulting fees.

Tip: Available Balances may take up to 2 business days to update after funds from customer purchases have been transferred.

You can use your ProPay Prepaid Mastercard at participating ATMs that accept Mastercard Cards. The limit is $1,000 or the full amount in your Account Balance per day, whichever is less. There may be additional fees for ATM transactions.