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Item Number

  • When viewing your inventory items, you will notice a field on the pieces for an “Item #”. This is a special field that can be used to help organize your inventory as you see fit. 
  • Entering something into this field will allow you to search on it in other screens.

Tip: Rather than relying on the default barcodes or SKUs that an item has, you may enter your own SKU, a bin number, a group name, or whatever you see fit. (The item number can be no longer than six (6) characters and is alphanumeric only.)

  • Next time you need to quickly find an item, you may now search based on that field and add the item to an order or find it in your inventory.
  • If your store is connected to ShippingEasy, Item Numbers associated with a Complete Order can also be viewed in the Order Details in ShippingEasy. Now you can quickly find the products in your inventory and Order fulfillment is even easier!