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  1. To view and update business information and settings, go to Settings from the navigation pane.
  2. Update options available to you are:
    • Send a Password Reset email for your account
    • Update your Shipping Weight Rules
      • Free Shipping over Amount
      • Shipping by Weight Rules
      • Order Pick Up
        • Enable this option to allow your local customers to pick up their order(s) at a physical location.
        • To do this, go to Settings, then Shipping and click Edit. Toggle on ‘Enable Order Pick up’
          • TIP: When Order Pick Up is enabled, you will be able to specify a pickup address and any instructions related to this option.
    • Update your Shipping and Return Policies
    • Turn your Online Store on and off
    • Adjust your ShippingEasy information
    • View Account Information that is set in your back office
      • (Changes to this information must occur in the back office.)
    • View ProPay Account Settings
      • Upload additional documents requested by ProPay for:
        • Initial ProPay sign-up 
        • Chargeback Disputes
        • Fraud Holds
        • Limit Increases
        • Retrieval Requests

Note: You will be notified via email from ProPay when additional documentation is required.