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Reply To Buy™

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One of the best ways to increase your sales is to have customers excited about your products and engaged to purchase in real-time. Reply To Buy™ is the feature that will allow you to create and host live events via Facebook and convert comments into sales with online checkout!

Reply To Buy™ Setup:

Note: You must have a Facebook business page to connect the app to for the feature to be supported.

Go to Reply To Buy™ from the navigation pane in the app.

The ‘How It Works’ page will display the following instructions:

  1. Connect to your Facebook account and choose a keyword for claiming in Facebook settings.

TIP: The default claim keyword is “SOLD”.
You may change this to any word between 3-20 characters.

  1. Add claim codes to products in your inventory.

  • By default, all items in your inventory will display ‘None’ in the ‘Code’ field.
  • To assign a claim code, click on Code in Item under Inventory.
    • A claim code can be up to 6 characters long, but cannot begin with zero (0)
      Examples: 1, 12, 123, 1234, 12345, 123456. 
    • You can also use the Auto Assign feature that will detect and assign the next available number starting from the smallest digit.

NOTE: Claim codes stay assigned to an item (SKU) in your inventory unless you manually change them OR the item becomes sold out.

  1. Start your Facebook Livestream.

TIP: You can schedule a Live event or start one immediately. Follow Facebook’s instructions over required fields for your Live. For example, enter a Name and a Description of the live event you are planning to start. 

When you are ready to begin your live streaming event, make sure to click the ‘Go Live’ button on Facebook!

  1. Tap the Start Live Sale button in your app!
  • After your Facebook Live is on, go back to the Reply To Buy™ option in the app and click the green Start button. The app will start “reading” the comments posted on your live.  
  • When commenting on Facebook Live, customers will need to type the claim keyword, a space, and the item claim code.
    Example: SOLD 123

Important note: To make sure the Reply To Buy™ feature is working properly, keep these two things in mind:
1. No other tools can be reading the comments. This means turning off Facebook messenger bots or other external tools that collect data.
2. Do not use social aggregator tools that combine several social networks into a single feed.

  • Your Reply To Buy™ live session will stay active for 7 days, which means customers can go to the Facebook Live replay and purchase items from that event until the live session expires in the app.
  • Claimed items will be reserved in the customer’s shopping cart and must be checked out
    within 7 days
  • Because of the 7-day replay limit, we suggest that you let this time out before reusing a claim code on a different item to ensure your customers claim the correct item(s). If a claim code is reused while the original live event it was featured in is still active, a customer using that specific claim code will end up claiming the new item that the claim code has most recently been assigned to.

Reply To Buy™ for your Customers

Reply To Buy™ provides a simple and quick way for your customers to claim and pay for their favorite products shown on your Facebook Live.

  1. When you show a product and its claim code, your viewers can post a comment to claim the item. The comment must be: Claim Word [space] Claim Code.
    For example: SOLD 123 
  2. The viewer will receive a reply to the comment in Facebook Messenger including the image of the item, the Item Claim Code and a “Shop Now” link. 
  3. The “Shop Now” link will take the customer to their shopping cart with all successfully claimed items already added. 
  4. The customer then has the option to check out and pay for the items in the cart.


  • While customers can claim one or more items during the Live selling event, they can also
    continue to claim items for up to 7 days following the Live by commenting on the Replay.
  • Claimed items will be reserved in the customer’s shopping cart and must be checked out
    within 7 days.

Reply To Buy™ in Settings

Another option you can use for managing your Reply To Buy™ setup is the menu item in Settings.

To find it:

  1. Go to Settings from the navigation pane
  2. Scroll down to the ‘Add On’ section and select Reply To Buy™.
    • This will open the page you used the first time to connect with your Facebook page and the Live Streaming Claim Keyword.

If you need to update or no longer have the app connected to the current Facebook page, simply click on Disconnect.

If you need to update the Claim Keyword Reply To Buy™ used for Live commenting, go to the Live Streaming Claim Keyword field and edit the current value.

Switching Facebook Pages

If you need to switch to a different Facebook page for your Lives:

  1. Go to the Reply To Buy™ feature from the navigation pane
  2. Click Disconnect and Save
  3. Go back to the same screen and click Connect to your Facebook Account
  4. Click on Edit Settings and select a business page option