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Table of Contents:

The Orders feature provides an ‘Order Fulfillment’ process that allows for more streamlined organization of your orders as well as order status tracking. 

Go to Orders from the navigation pane.


A list of Open Orders will display.

Tip: To search an Order, enter Customer Name or Order Number in the search bar (iOS) OR by using the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner (Android).



Filter options are displayed allowing you view ‘All’ orders, orders from ‘Today’, orders within the last week (‘Week’), within the last month (‘Month’) or enter in a ‘Custom’ date range and view orders within that time frame.

Open (Delfault):

Orders listed under this section are open orders that have been created, but not paid or sent as an invoice.


These are the orders in which the invoice has been sent to the customer, but the customer has not paid the invoice yet.


An order enters this status once an online order or invoice has been paid. Orders placed through your website show under this ‘Paid’ status tab, so you’ll never miss a web order again! Orders displayed within this status are now ready to be shipped or picked up.

Special Tip: Automate the Order Fulfillment process with ShippingEasy!

When you have your ShippingEasy account linked to the app, orders in ‘Paid’ status that must be shipped to the customer will AUTOMATICALLY sync to ShippingEasy to pay for postage and generate the shipping label. When a label is generated, it updates the order status from ‘Paid’ to ‘Completed’ and inserts the tracking information into the order details on the app.

Still need to create a ShippingEasy account? See how to sign up here!

If you are NOT connected to ShippingEasy, this is where you will need to manage and determine which orders still need to be manually fulfilled in the app.

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This section contains orders that have been paid for AND shipped or picked up.


An order enters this status if it has been canceled.


Any order that has been refunded.

Status Icons

  • Truck: An order that is going to be shipped
  • Store: Order is to be picked up. This indication is made by the customer during the checkout process on your Online Store. 
  • Green checkmark: The order has been shipped or picked up by the customer.
  • If there is no icon next to the order, this indicates that the order is considered an “In person” sale – meaning the order was placed in the app and you received payment either via cash, check or card reader, and the customer walked away with the sale immediately.

Note: This status change process is purely for the consultant’s business process; as mentioned before, your shipping system is still responsible for sharing tracking updates with customers.

How to create a new order:

  1. From the main menu, locate and tap on the “Orders” option.
  2. Tap on the “+” button to start a new order.
  3. Customer Selection – 3 options:
    • Existing Customer:
      • Search for an existing customer by using the search bar.
      • Select the customer from the list.
        • Selecting an existing customer will bring you to a screen with all Open and Invoiced orders along with the status of each order. 
        • You may add to an existing, open order OR create a new order!
    • New Customer:
      • If the customer is new and you’d like to add them to your customer list, tap New Customer.
      • Enter the required customer information.
        • Email is the only required information. 
        • First and Last names are optional, and you can always go back and enter those details later on!
          Note: If you happen to enter an email address that matches an already existing customer, the app will automatically proceed with that existing customer. 
    • Guest Customer:
      • Choose the Guest option to proceed without associating the order with a registered customer. This will take you directly to the “New Order” screen with no customer information required.
        • (If you need to Invoice the customer rather than accept payment at the time of the order, an email address will be required at checkout.)
  4. Add Items to the Order
    • Use the “Add Items” button to manually search existing items and add them to the order.

Tip: The ‘Barcode Unavailable’ feature is also found under ‘Add Items’. This is a flex checkout option for those pieces you no longer have the barcode and/or packaging for! Learn more.

  • Alternatively, use the scanning feature to scan item barcodes.
    • Notes:
      • If you do not have any Inventory uploaded to your app – that is okay, you can add items on the fly using the scanning feature!
      • If you scan an item that is not already added to your inventory, the app will go ahead and add it.
      • You also have the option to manually enter the barcode. 
      • Each Item in an order has additional options to choose from before completing the order. The following options are available from the ‘ellipsis’ (3 dots) button to the right of the Item:
        • Give Away – this option allows you to mark an Item as free ($0.00)
        • Change Quantity – this option allows you to increase/decrease the quantity of an item
        • Remove – this option allows you to remove an Item from an order
        • Cancel – this option will close the Item options and no changes will be made to the order
  1. Order Details and Review
    • Apply Consultant Cost Reimbursement if needed.
    • Add shipping and receipt notes as needed.
    • Once items are added, tap Review to proceed.
  2. Order Summary
    • Review the order summary, including final total, order items and receipt notes.
  3. Payment / Invoicing

    Tip: If your customer is not ready to pay OR be invoiced, you may tap the x or arrow in the top corner of the screen. This will not delete the order – it will be stored under the “Open” tab within the “Orders” screen.
    • If the customer is ready to pay, tap Pay and select the preferred payment method.
      1. If “Ship Order” has been applied, fill in shipping information before selecting the payment method.

        Note: If your customer already has shipping information on their Wayroo record, it will automatically display here. If not, they will add it here and it will be passed on to ShippingEasy for easy order fulfillment.
    • If your customer would prefer to be invoiced, tap Invoice.

      Note: If you attempt to create an invoice with shipping turned off (whether you turned it off manually, or you have shipping turned off by default), you will see a pop-up window that will notify you before proceeding.
      • Invoicing requires an email address. If the customer is not in the system, tap Select Customer and then New Customer.
      • If the order is for a customer that already exists in your app, you will have two options:
        • – Send Invoice Email
        • – Copy Invoice Link
  4. Payment Confirmation and Receipt
    • For in-person transactions: After successful payment, you may choose to send a receipt to the customer.
    • For invoiced orders: If you have your notifications for Wayroo turned on for your device, you will receive a notification and hear a “cha-ching” when a customer has paid an invoice! 

Tip: To resend a receipt, go to Completed Order’s Details screen and click Resend Receipt button.

Tip: To view processed orders, go to the Orders screen and use the Completed filter. Completed orders can also be filtered by time.

Note: If your store is connected to ShippingEasy, Receipt Notes and Item Numbers associated with products in a complete Order will be sent and available in ‘Order Details’ in ShippingEasy.

Recreate an Order

If you’d like to recreate/reopen a canceled or expired order to re-invoice your customers, go to your ‘Canceled’ orders, select the order you’d like to perform this action on and click the Recreate Order button.

– Items that are out of stock in your Inventory will be listed so you can choose to remove them from the recreated order.
– You can also choose to Recreate Order with all of the original items and quantities after verifying your stock levels.

Completing the Order Fulfillment process:

For Shipping Orders:

  1. Select the order you’d like to fulfill, and click on the Ship button in the bottom left corner of the screen. 
  2. A window will appear that gives you the ability to choose which shipping carrier was used as well as a tracking number
    • This information is not required, but can be very helpful with your organization!
  3. Important step: Be sure to turn the ‘Shipped’ toggle on within this window.

Note: Saving the tracking information is NOT going to send shipping confirmation to the customer from the app. This notification process is still handled by your selected shipping platform.

  1. Click save. This moves your order to the ‘Completed’ status.

Note: If you make a mistake, for example, marking the wrong order shipped, it’s okay! You may still edit the status of an order by clicking on the pencil icon next to its status. Once you save your changes, the order will be placed back into the ‘Paid’ column.

For Pick-Up Orders:

Pick-up orders are only marked for pick-up when an order is placed by a customer through your online store and chooses Pick Up instead of Shipping. In this case, the ‘Pick Up’ button will display in place of the ‘Ship’ button in the lower left corner of the ‘Order Details’ screen. 

To fulfill these orders:

  1. Select Pick Up
  2. Toggle on 
  3. Click save.

Once saved, the order will be moved to the ‘Completed’ status.


Note: Orders within the paid status will have the option to perform the swipe action, which will display either the ‘Ship’ or ‘Pick Up’ option. Performing this action will move the order to the ‘Completed’ status.