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Correcting a 1099-k Mismatch

If you have received an email indicating a 1099-k mismatch, you are required to update your tax information on file with ProPay.

To update this information in the app, navigate to Settings, and select Business Info under the ‘Payment Processing & Banking’ section.

Please be sure to correctly fill out ALL FIELDS displayed on the ‘Business Info’ page, INCLUDING those indicated as ‘optional’.

Paparazzi Premiere Settings - Business info iOS
Paparazzi Premiere Settings - Business info Android
ProPay Business Information form

Common mistakes:

  • ‘Legal Business Name’ – For sole proprietorships (unregistered businesses owned and managed by an individual) you must enter the legal name as it appears on your social security card (or ITIN) of the individual who is the owner (example: Sandy M. Jones). This field should NOT be filled in with a fictitious (doing business as) business name.
  • ‘Tax Identification Number’ – For sole proprietorships, enter the social security number that matches the name entered in the ‘Legal Business Name’ field. For all other registered business structures (LLC, Corporation, etc.), use the EIN provided by the IRS for that Legal Business

  • Although the ‘Tax Identification Number’ field is labeled ‘(optional)’, this field and the confirmation field immediately following is REQUIRED for users of this app. Failure to enter a valid Tax ID number will result in a continued mismatch and potential IRS withholding.

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