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If a chargeback has been issued against your account, this means that a customer has disputed a charge from a transaction with your business, and the funds from that transaction have been returned to the cardholder’s account by the cardholder’s bank.

If you receive a chargeback, first contact your customer to determine the reason for the chargeback.

Next, contact to address the situation.

Common reasons for a chargeback include:

  • A purchased item never made its way to the paying customer
  • The items purchased have been damaged prior to final delivery
  • A customer received the wrong item
  • The transaction was not authorized by the cardholder

What to expect

If a chargeback is issued against your account, the funds from the transaction will be taken from your account balance. Wayroo’s Payments Support team will contact you with details on how to respond to the chargeback. A non-refundable fee of $15.00 will be applied for each chargeback that occurs. Please be aware that this fee applies whether or not the chargeback is reversed as a result of the rebuttal.