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What’s a Goldfish got to do with Multi-Level Marketing?

/ 11.20.2019 / News, Organizations

Multi-Level Marketing

You’ve probably heard today’s consumers have shorter attention spans than a goldfish. 

It all started with research published by Microsoft, showing the average human attention span is only 8 seconds. That’s a big drop from 2000 when attention spans clocked in at a whopping 12 seconds. 

But what made headlines, and there were a lot of them, was the study’s comparison of humans and goldfish. Apparently, goldfish have 9-second attention spans. Who knew? (And, really, how can we know?)

Since then, these insights have been examined and refined a bit. Yes, technology and the increasingly high volume of incoming information are significantly changing how people decide what to pay attention to. It turns out, it’s not that we can only pay attention for 8 seconds at a time. It’s more like we have an 8-second filter where we’re deciding whether something is worth investing our attention in. When you think about it that way, 8 seconds is probably generous.

All of this has major implications for Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) organizations. Today’s buyers are more discerning. Grabbing their attention is harder. But, once you have it, it’s actually easier to keep it than in the past. 

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How to catch your customer’s attention

On any given day, your potential customers are exposed to somewhere between 4,000 and 10,000 marketing messages. They sift through hundreds of email messages, hitting delete on many without reading them. And, then there’s social media and all the info served up via their smartphones. A 2017 study by Deloitte found the average consumer checks her phone at least 47 times in a day. Younger consumers, 18 to 24-year-olds, almost double that, picking up their phones 86 times per day. 

That’s a lot of information. To cut through the clutter, your marketing outreach has to be smarter and more precise. Catching the attention of the multi-tasking masses isn’t easy, but it’s not impossible. For Multi Level Marketing representatives, the secret lies in capitalizing on the direct and personal aspect of direct selling. 

Follow a few best practices to effectively translate the MLM advantages into your communications to both current and prospective customers.

  • Don’t put your marketing on blast. Build your network by defining who your ideal target customers are and then crafting messages just for them. The days of sending broad marketing messages out to the world and hoping a few people respond are over. 
  • Follow up. And follow up again. People are busy. All the information coming at them is distracting. Even if your messages or invitations catch their attention, they may not act right away. Don’t give up. Research shows most sales happen after the fifth contact. Unfortunately, research also shows that most representatives give up after only two contacts. Keep in mind, when the outreach is relevant, today’s customers appreciate a little nudging.
  • It’s about them, not you. Today’s buyers don’t want to be sold to. They want useful information that helps them solve a problem or meet a specific need. Part of defining your target customers (see above) is about digging deeper to truly understand their challenges and then making the connection to your products or services. Whatever you do, don’t lead with all the bells and whistles your product offers. Lead with what’s in it for the customer. Demonstrate that you get it, and you’re reaching out to be a resource. 
  • Stay clear. Useful information catches attention. But don’t try to include everything you know. Focus on clarity. Each message – whether it’s a social media post or a live stream selling event – should have a purpose. Spend time thinking about exactly what you need to convey in each situation and always keep it simple and on point. When you do it well, you’re earning the opportunity to share more information in the future. 

So, you’ve grabbed a customer’s attention. Now what? Our next post looks at how to capitalize and turn initial interest into long-term and profitable customer relationships. In the meantime, take a look at how Wayroo’s customizable MLM software solutions can help you simplify your company’s operations, streamline administration, and build customer relationships. To learn more, please contact us for a demo.

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