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The Secrets to Empowering Your Distributors

/ 10.9.2019 / Organizations

Any Multi-Level Marketing Organization (MLM) knows that their independent distributors are like a giant cog within an engine. Without that cog, your business cannot run. They are what sets multi-level marketing organizations apart from other companies and serve as the primary factor in the success of any MLM. However, as necessary as distributors are, the truth is multi-level marketing is not for everyone. You should expect a high turnover rate as your team of distributors sifts through the tire kickers, hobbyists, and naysayers. Multi-level marketing is unique and wonderful, but can also be frustrating and challenging. Therefore, don’t fail your team of distributors who work in the trenches evenings and weekends by letting them quit before they ever get the chance to succeed. Make sure they have the right tools, the best resources and the understanding that “Corporate has their back.” Tap into some of our secrets to empowering your distributors and retain them by engaging them from the bottom up.  

wayroo secret to empowering independent distributors

Sell a Quality Product

This may seem like common sense, but it’s true — the products or services that you sell must be exceptional quality and always improving. Your products must uphold all standards and regulations related to your location and distribution territories specific to your industry. In addition, they must create exceptional value and offer a real business opportunity. You want your brand and products to stand on their own, and when properly marketed — your brand will be the most significant driver of sales for your organization. So, make sure your brand embodies a legitimate, high demand, unique line of products. This practice will attract the best talent, and your distributors will become passionate about the products in an authentic way that will naturally build and fuel their empowerment for starting a multi-level marketing organization.

Keep it Super Simple (K.I.S.S.)

“Keep It Super Simple.” The world of multi-level marketing is not the easiest to navigate. It is a unique business model and sometimes a little complicated to comprehend out of the gates. Now that you have your tried and true product that your independent distributors love, it’s time to think about your distribution process and compensation plan. These two concepts need to be super simple because people that don’t understand something, don’t participate. There are great third-party companies that can be found to assist with these critical components. You can find a few through the Direct Selling Association. Once you finalize your processes and plans, make sure you create a tested and easy-to-follow success path for your distributors. Set up mentoring programs and distributor starter kits because many of these distributors have never run their own business before and it can be overwhelming. Many don’t realize they will be performing all business functions from sales and inventory to payments, accounting, reporting, and much more. Whether you achieve simplicity through integrations or on your own, find ways to streamline daily functions to make work fun and rewarding. Don’t forget — multi-level marketing is hard work and when successes occur, they should not only be celebrated; they should be analyzed and replicated. It is much easier to achieve and repeat success when you understand how it was attained.

Advertise the True Reward of Multi-Level Marketing

Too many people jump head first into multi-level marketing believing it’s the ticket to “get rich quick.” Those experienced distributors who love working in the industry will tell you otherwise. While the big selling points do revolve around tremendous earning potential and the autonomy to work when you want with no one to report to, many successful distributors will tell you that those are mere byproducts of a business that is primarily composed of relationships and people. This consists of their upline, downline, and customers. Whether through parties or online, multi-level marketing demands that you connect and interact with new people every day. It is about comradery and mentorship, just as much as it is about making your sales. It’s about the experiences each distributor shares that weave into the fabric of the MLM assisting everyone involved. Independent distributors rave about the community that they have found in other fellow distributors where they help each other, making them better business professionals. The skills they learn bleed into their relationships with their customers, and in the end, there is victory for everyone. Don’t push just the headlines: Earn Unlimited Income, Make Your Own Hours or Be Your Own Boss. Sell the true reward in the relationships you’ll accrue and develop over time that is priceless. Success!

As an MLM, your distributors are your life source. They are the ones that are out on the field, doing hard [sales] labor. Tend to them and empower them to be their best. It’s easy to lose motivation in an industry where there will always be more Noes than Yeses. So, decide on a solid product that distributors will authentically love. Keep your processes simple and easy to replicate. And always market the real reward of multi-level marketing — relationships. Your distributors will thank you!

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