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5 Ways to Turn Built-In Reporting into a Competitive Advantage for Your MLM

/ 12.30.2020 / News, Organizations

Today’s multi-level marketing (MLM) companies have access to more customer, inventory, and market data than ever before. While data can be powerful, it can also be daunting when it’s difficult to bring together. It’s estimated that businesses leave up to 73 percent of the data they collect unused because it’s difficult to access or takes too much time to wrangle…

Multi-Level Marketing: Target Your Niche Market

/ 3.25.2020 / Distributors, News, Organizations

Have you heard the saying, “Don’t try to be something for everyone, just be everything for someone?” That quote captures the secret to multi-level marketing (MLM) success. If you spend all your time trying to please the masses, you won’t have time to build deep relationships with the community of customers with both a need and an interest in your…