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The Secrets to Empowering Your Distributors

/ 10.9.2019 / Organizations

Any Multi-Level Marketing Organization (MLM) knows that their independent distributors are like a giant cog within an engine. Without that cog, your business cannot run. They are what sets multi-level marketing organizations apart from other companies and serve as the primary factor in the success of any MLM. However, as necessary as distributors are, the truth is multi-level marketing is…

Top 8 Traits of a Successful Distributor

/ 9.25.2019 / Distributors

The world of multi-level marketing (MLM) and party planning is full of individuals who want to be their own boss. They get to make their own hours, get discounted prices on the products they love, and build relationships with people of all shapes and sizes. But sadly, the turnover rate for independent distributors is 56% annually. Why? Because success in…

Must-Use Hashtags for Your Multi-Level Marketing Organization

/ 9.11.2019 / Distributors

Hashtags don’t seem all that significant, but they’re actually are one of the most important aspects of running a successful social media campaign. Why? Because everyone uses them for both personal and business purposes. And if they don’t use them, they search for them. Hashtags give advertisers the ability to view all public posts associated with a hashtag when you…

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