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Weight-Based Shipping Rules

View and Manage Shipping Rules

To view and manage your shipping settings, select Settings from the menu navigation which can be accessed from the hamburger icon in the top left of the mobile iOS app. Under the Your Online Store heading, select the Edit button to the right of Shipping.

Free Shipping

Here you can enable Free Shipping and set your shipping rules based on order weight. If you choose to utilize Free Shipping, simply select the toggle to the right of Free Shipping Over Amount to enable. Click the dollar amount below Minimum Order Total to set your rate. This will qualify your customers for Free Shipping when their order is equal to or greater than the dollar amount you enter here.

Shipping By Weight

Under the Shipping By Weight section you can set your shipping prices based on the total weight in pounds and ounces of the order. We worked with your Home Office to include the average weight of each inventory item you may sell. This allows your Wayroo iOS app to automatically calculate the total weights of each of your shipped orders. If you have Free Shipping enabled, these rules will be used if the order does not qualify. You’ll set the rate you want to charge for the weight tiers of your choosing in the chart.

Adding Weights

Click the Add Weight button in the bottom left corner of the chart to set a weight tier that will be charged the corresponding rate you set. Once you set a weight it will be added to the chart in the left column. Continue to add weights as needed and in the increments you choose. The weights in this column will automatically be ordered from lowest to highest. 

Setting Shipping Costs

In the right column you can set the Shipping Cost that will correspond to the weight you have entered in the left column. Simply, click the dollar amount and enter the rate you’d like to charge. Any order that weighs equal to or greater than the weight in the left column will be charged a shipping rate of the corresponding price you set in the right column.

Save Rules

Once you have set all the weight tiers and prices you want simply click the Save button in the top right corner of the page to save your new shipping rules. 

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