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How do I update my card reader firmware?

If your card reader requires a firmware upgrade, Wayroo will notify the user when they attempt to pay for an order using the card reader.

Note: The update is required to continue using your Card Reader.

  1. If the device needs a firmware upgrade, Wayroo will display a notice and provide a link to download the Chipper OTA app.
  2. Open the Chipper OTA app.
  3. Select Get Started.
  4. The Chipper OTA app will list all available card readers powered on and within range.
  5. Locate the serial number of your card reader and click Select.
  6. Once the device is selected, a confirmation of a successful connection message will appear. The software will check for upgrades.

Note: If the device battery is low, a message will appear “Device battery is below 50% charge”; the firmware will not upgrade until the device is charged.

  1. Select Yes to upgrade firmware.
  2. A successful confirmation message will appear.
  3. Select Done.