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Signing Up for an Account

What are the requirements to sign up for a ProPay account?

How to get a ProPay Prepaid MasterCard:

Provide the information required during the Wayroo sign-up process, or after the process by selecting any “Sign-up for ProPay” notification in the application. To qualify for a ProPay account you must:

  • Provide your legal full name, physical address, and phone number, and other basic contact information
  • Any additional information requested for credit card processing
  • You will be asked for your Social Security Number, this is to verify the identity of account holders in the United States. ProPay will run a cursory check against your SSN, along with your name and contact information, to make sure you meet their signup requirements and to verify no one else is signing up for an account under the same information.
  • Read and accept the terms and conditions provided during the sign-up process
    • To access the ProPay terms and conditions after set-up, log into your Wayroo application and use the Main Menu to navigate to the ‘Settings’ Screen, then select ‘Propay Terms and Conditions’

Why was a ProPay Account not set up after I put in my information?

There could be many reasons for this. However, check that it is not due to incorrect information being typed in during the application process by selecting any “Sign-up for ProPay”, and trying again. 

When I try to sign up for an account it gives me a Duplicate Account error.

This means there is a ProPay account already in use with that email address. This can be from a previous ProPay account or from when you tried to sign up for an account before. 

At this point try to edit your account information by logging into your Wayroo application and use the Main Menu to navigate to the ‘Settings’ Screen, then verifying the information under the ‘Payment Processing & Banking’ header is correct. 

May I sign up for an Account using my business name and tax ID number instead of my own personal information?

While Wayroo is designed for your small business the payment system is set up with the service agreements to be done with an individual who can take personal responsibility for all the account activity. 

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