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Settings Overview

View and Manage App Settings

To view and manage your settings, select Settings from the menu navigation which can be accessed from the hamburger icon in the top left of the mobile app. Here you can edit your account information, store settings, online store settings, or add integrations like ShippingEasy.

Editing Account Settings

To view or make changes to your account settings, select Edit next to Account Information, below the Account heading. Here you may edit your name and contact email address.

Editing Store Settings

Under the Store Settings heading, you can view and make changes to your store contact information, policies, and receipt signature. Select Edit to the right of Contact Information to update your store contact email, phone number, or address. Select Edit to the right of Policies & Receipt Signature to update your shipping policy, return policy, and receipt signature. Simply click in the text box you want to edit to type your policies and signatures. You may use up to 1,000 characters for your shipping and return policy. You may use up to 400 characters for your receipt signature.

Online Store Settings

Under the Your Online Store heading you can view your social media links and shipping rules. Select the Edit button to the right of Social Media Links to add or update links to your Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Youtube accounts. Select the Edit button next to Shipping to make changes to the shipping rules you have assigned for your online store. Refer to our article about shipping rules for more detailed information.

ShippingEasy Add-On

Under the Add On heading you’ll see ShippingEasy.  The Add button to the right of ShippingEasy is where you’ll  need to go when setting up your integration. Please refer to this article for the full integration process. 

Use the hamburger icon in the top left corner to navigate back to other sections of the app.

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