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Payouts Overview

Manage Payouts

To view the payments you have received and understand the taxes and fees involved in credit card transactions, select Payouts from the menu navigation which can be accessed from the hamburger icon in the top left of the mobile iOS app.

Search and View By Payout ID

Your payouts will be listed in this screen and if you are searching for one specifically, you can use the search bar at the top of the screen to search by Payout ID. Select a payout to view the date and time, tax and transaction fee totals, the amounts received, and the order information.

Calculations Explained

The first calculation is the sum of the transactions from cash/check and credit card orders to illustrate the payment Gross Total. The second calculation shows the total amount from credit card transactions minus shipping/handling, sales tax, use tax, and processing fees to equal the Transfer. The final calculation shows the Net Total of the payout by adding the Gross Total and the Transfer amount.

Payout Information Uses

This information gives you a quick look at the amount of processing fees and tax that were collected during credit card transactions. Plus, you can use the Net Total as a simple tool to understand the real amount you were paid in each payout. 

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