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How does my customer receive and pay an invoice?

  1. Once an order is completed or an invoice is re-sent the customer will receive an invoice in their email
  2. Once the Customer Selects the ‘Pay Invoice’ button they will be directed to the online payment workflow
  3. Customer reviews invoice and select ‘Proceed to Billing’
  4. Shipping information is auto-filled with the customer’s shipping address from the customer’s profile.
    • If the billing address is the same as the shipping address, leave the check box next to ‘Billing is the same as shipping’ selected
      • The billing address will not show
    • If modifications are needed to the billing address, unselect the check box next to the billing address and update the billing address.
  5. Once reviewed the customer selects ‘Proceed to Pay’
  6. Order total will display above the
  7. Select ‘Make Payment’ to go to the screen where the credit card information can be placed.
    • Input valid Credit Card information
    • Once complete select ‘Submit’
    • Wait for the ‘Payment Complete’ screen
    • Select ‘Finished’
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