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How do I process a return?

  1. Open and Sign in to Wayroo Application
  2. Select the navigation menu in the top left of the screen
  3. Select ‘Orders’ from the navigation menu to access the Orders List
  4. Select the ‘Completed’ button under the time filters at the top of the Orders List
    • This will display the list of completed orders
    • If a time filter or search is applied it will show the completed orders within that time frame
  5. Select ‘Return Order’ to return items from the order.
    • Return Order screen will open
      • Select the :cross_mark: icon in the top right to exit the Return Order screen and return to the Order Detail screen
      • Select the ‘Return All’ link to select all items on the order for return
      • Select the :plus: or :minus: icon in the product details of the items being returned to increase or decrease the quantity of the items being returned
      • Select the toggle next to ‘Refund Shipping & Handling’ to refund shipping & handling
        • If shipping & handling were not originally included in order this will be disabled.
        • Shipping & handling will return the full amount when selected
      • Select ‘Continue’ to return the selected refund
        • This will take you to the Refund Complete screen
      • Review the return and select the :cross_mark: icon or ‘Done’ to send a return receipt to the customer and to return the Completed Orders list
        • If the return was partial, a return workflow can be repeated for the remaining items.
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