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How do I edit an order after I sent the invoice but before the customer pays?

  1. Open and Sign in to Wayroo Application
  2. Select the navigation menu in the top left of the screen
  3. Select ‘Orders’ from the navigation menu to access the Orders List
    • Open orders are displayed by default
  4. Filter or Search to find the desired open order if needed
  5. Select an open order to navigate to the order details
    • Order details will display
      • Customer Name
      • Order ID
      • Order Status
      • Created Date
      • Items List
      • Notes
      • Totals
  6. Select ‘Edit’ to make modifications to the order before payment is made on the order
    • Select the ‘Add Item’ icon and label to see the available inventory
      • Select inventory items to add to the order
      • Once all items are added to the order, select ‘Add Items’
      • Items will be added to the item list on the New Order screen
        • If items are incorrect, select the :cross_mark: icon on the right side of the item in the item list to delete the item from the list
    • Select ‘Scan’ to open the camera and scan the item’s UPC
      • Select the left-facing chevron and label ‘back’ to navigate back to the New Orders screen
      • Select the flashlight icon in the top right of the photo frame to activate the flashlight and provide more light for the camera
      • Scanned items will be added to the item list on the New Order screen
    • Select the toggle next to ‘Ship Order’ to add or remove the shipping cost to the order.
    • Select ‘Send Invoice’ to send the customer an updated invoice to pay at a later date and return to the Order Details Screen
    • Select ‘Pay’ to enter the customer’s payment method now and return to the Order List screen
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