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Adding Received Product to Inventory

View and Manage Wholesale Orders

To view and manage your wholesale orders, select Receiving from the menu navigation which can be accessed from the hamburger icon in the top left of the mobile iOS app. In order to receive products into your inventory, you will need to find the specific corresponding wholesale purchase here.

Manually Receive or Receive All

Once you find the order for a wholesale purchase that you’d like to include in your inventory, simply select it. Click the Manually Receive button to select individual products from the purchase. This will be used when orders are partially received or short shipped. If you received all of the product at once, click the Receive All button to bulk update.

Save and View in Inventory

Select Save to add the product received into your inventory where it can be sold. After you have completed the process of receiving a wholesale order in your iOS app, select Inventory from the menu navigation to confirm that the new product is displayed in your inventory list.

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