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Go Live! 3 Ways Wayroo Will Transform Your Live Selling Events

/ 11.6.2019 / News, Organizations

When it comes to our online content consumption, live streaming is where it’s at. Sixty-three percent of people ages 18 to 34 regularly watch live stream videos – and 42 percent of them are also creating live content. (Source)

For Direct Selling Organizations (DSOs), live stream events have become a preferred way to reach, engage, and sell to busy potential customers. Live selling creates a shared experience for buyers, enables representatives to interact with customers in real-time, and most importantly, creates FOMO – fear of missing out – prompting people to make a purchase before an item is sold out. 

As live selling grows in popularity, it can still be a somewhat clunky experience. Customers have to leave the live event to make a purchase (FOMO again). Or, they don’t follow through to complete the purchase afterward. For representatives, live events can be a logistical challenge managing the technology, delivering an energetic and informative presentation, and tracking what’s sold – all at the same time. 

Introducing Wayroo, your personal QVC. Wayroo can help you take your live selling experience – and sales results – to the next level. Here are three reasons to go live with Wayroo

1. Streamline what’s going on behind the scenes. 

The key to direct sales success is the representative’s ability to build relationships with their customers. At in-person party events, keeping the focus on connecting with each buyer is somewhat easier face-to-face. As today’s consumers transition to virtual events, their expectations don’t change. They expect personalized attention and the ability to purchase what they want in the moment. 

Wayroo enables representatives to focus on the customer without having to simultaneously scribble notes and manually track their orders. Wayroo takes the manual work off the rep’s plate, facilitating transactions and automatically calculating sales tax. Representatives stay in the moment with their customers, answering questions, making suggestions, and demonstrating features. 

The ease of use continues after the event. With Wayroo, representatives can get paid for their retail sales right away. With a click of a button, their earnings go straight to a payout card, with sales tax already separated and set aside. All your representatives have to think about is how they want to spend their money, using their payout card to purchase new inventory, transfer money to their bank, or making purchases wherever VISA and Mastercard are accepted.  

2. Keep customers in the event – and buying more. 

Live selling events should feel like a representative’s own home-shopping network, and with Wayroo, they do. Shoppers can join, share, and comment in real-time. The built-in shopping cart enables customers to participate in the event, adding items to their cart as they go. Even better, they don’t have to leave the experience, even temporarily, to complete their purchase. It all happens within the event so that they won’t miss a minute – or another item they want to buy. 

Scaling a direct sales business depends on building deep representative-to-customer relationships. Live selling via the Wayroo platform makes hosting live events simple by creating a buying experience that’s customer-focused. The online shopping experience also creates a sense of community. Buyers see comments and questions from others like them, which helps to reinforce their interest and buying decisions. 

3. Forget about lag time issues and Facebook jail.

Selling live via Facebook or Instagram works until it doesn’t. And the platforms come with quirks.

One of the main irritants is the lag time between what you’re selling and what your customers are seeing. Of course, reps can learn to work with it, but who needs another logistical hurdle to navigate when they want to focus on relationship-building and closing sales? Live selling via Wayroo minimizes the lag so representatives are able to interact with customers in near real-time. Without a delay, communications – and sales – flow freely. 

An even bigger concern is having to worry about getting put in Facebook jail. The do’s and don’ts aren’t always clear-cut, which means representatives can suddenly be locked out of the platform and unable to live stream for days as they scramble to get back in Facebook’s good graces. No business is set up for unexpected pauses in selling, and if it happens, it can be a time-consuming – and extremely frustrating – issue for representatives to solve. Wayroo eliminates the risk by giving representatives their own platform to work from, seamlessly setting up and executing live events whenever and wherever they want.    It’s time to give your representatives next-level live selling capabilities. Take a closer look at what Wayroo can do to help scale your MLM business. For details, contact us for a live demo.

Brad Levene

Director of Marketing, Retail Success

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